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We're quite fond of the PlayStation 4's new Communities feature – you can find out how to join the Push Square page through here – but Sony might have known that it wouldn't take long for the addition to be, ahem, corrupted. While there are plenty of legit groups built around forums, favourite bands, and football teams – we also happened upon a few less savoury gatherings while playing around with the fresh firmware update overnight.

We'll save you the gory details, but one Community had an image of a man's nether regions as its logo, and was encouraging other users to share pics of their bits. Another page was dedicated to drug users who like to get high while they game. You can send grief reports, but we imagine that the platform holder will be pondering exactly what it's created as it pores over various bits and pieces of filth throughout the day.

Of course, it's no stranger to a bit of scandal: The Playroom hit tabloid headlines around launch as people were using the webcam-based app to stream sex shows directly to the PS4. It was eventually removed from Twitch, but still exists on Ustream in a slightly seedy form. Do you think that these Communities are only going to get sleazier, or will things calm down once the deviants have got all of the nastiness out of their systems? Keep it clean in the comments section below.