Friday the 13th PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Pull down your hockey mask and grab the nearest cleaver: Friday the 13th is coming to the PlayStation 4 in Fall 2016. But there's a catch: you'll need to help fund it on Kickstarter. In what is becoming a frightening precedent, Gun Media, IllFonic, and Crystal Lake Entertainment have all teamed up to help create an asymmetrical online multiplayer game starring the slasher genre's greatest star: Jason Voorhees.

In truth, this is just cancelled PC game Slasher Vol. 1: Summer Camp with a different skin. Matches will play out similarly to Evolve, where one person will assume the role of the iconic serial killer, while seven others fight for their lives as clichéd camp counsellors. There are plans for a first-person single player mode, which will see you play out iconic scenarios from the movie series. There'll also be a progression system to keep you hooked to the online component, as well as an 80s movie trailer feature which will highlight the best moments at the end of each match in grindhouse style.

It definitely sounds like an interesting idea, and the developer has suggested that it's adopting a crowd funding model to stay true to the spirit of the original movies. It also mentions that without publishers pulling the strings, it'll be able to make the game as grisly as it likes, without needing to bow down to a T rating. The consortium's currently asking for $700,000, with rewards ranging from a copy of the game for $30 all the way through to an invitation to its launch party for $7,500.

We must admit that we do like the concept, and the trailer captures the spirit of the movies well, but we're not so keen on big brands like this going straight to Kickstarter. Still, the slasher fan in this author feels compelled to back it anyway. Much like a hapless camper being pursued by a mass murderer, your humble host is torn.