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It's been a while since FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer have clashed on what feels like relatively equal ground, yet here we are, with many footy fans demanding that PES 2016 be recognised as this year's champion. Meanwhile, FIFA 16 enthusiasts are being quick to point out its various improvements over its predecessors.

It's like a big Sunday match between two teams that are competing for the top spot in the league, and let's be honest - it's pretty fun to watch all of the bickering surrounding the battle. Just like the clubs themselves, the games also have their supporters, but when opinions are divided, we're civilised enough to realise that going mental in a city centre, punching a horse, and getting arrested isn't the way to get your point across.

Instead, let's try breaking one of gaming's greatest rivalries down into a single handy poll. Which slice of virtual football is better this year? FIFA, or PES? Cast your vote, and then try not to cause a riot in the comments section below.

Which football sim is your favourite this year? (54 votes)

  1. FIFA 1619%
  2. PES 2016: Pro Evolution Soccer81%

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