PlayStation Now PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Have you been anti-PlayStation Now from the outset? Well, the service now has an opportunity to win you over if you're in the UK, as Sony's just rolled out a subscription option with a free trial. For the not-so extortionate price of £12.99 per month, you'll be able to stream hundreds of PlayStation 3 games to your PlayStation 4 or Vita as you please. You'll also be able to rent individual titles for £2.99 a time.

Of course, if you're not willing to spend your hard-earned cash, then you can give the service a try as part of a week's trial. One thing to note is that this will auto-renew if you don't tell it otherwise, so make sure that you toggle that option if you don't want any unexpected bills heading your way. You'll need a decent Internet connection to get the technology to work, but having a pool of great games on-demand is a decent reward.

Will you be giving PlayStation Now a go now that it's out of beta in the UK? Stream your opinion into the comments section below.