Although we've gotten a beta and a couple of trailers, DICE has nevertheless been surprisingly low-key about showing gameplay of Star Wars Battlefront. Now that we're less than a month from the anticipated title's release date, it's nice to get a great glimpse at more of the characters we'll be able to play as in a new gameplay trailer.

Throughout the footage there are new locations on Sullust and Tatooine to play on that were not in the beta, as well as new perspectives on the forest moon of Endor with soldiers using their jetpacks to run atop the Ewoks' homes and bridges among the treetops. There's also some entertaining shots of Heroes and Villains, like Leia Organa, Han Solo, the Emperor, and Boba Fett, using some of their special abilities like Leia deploying a shield, the Emperor using his Force lightning, and more. To see these iconic characters and hosts of Rebel Soldiers and Stormtroopers engaging in battle, make the jump to hyperspace and watch the trailer.