What the Hell is going on?

What is Dreams? In truth, even after a meaty Paris Games Week 2015 demo, we can't tell you. Media Molecule's forthcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive is so out-there that the developer doesn't appear to know how to show it. The things we do know: you control a customisable imp which can possess sculptures created by other players, it appears to take place in a live, evolving online environment, and… Well, it's a bit fudging weird, isn't it?

The video below featuring creative director Mark Healey and technical director Alex Evans attempts to unpack everything that's going on in the new game – but it may cause more nightmares then dreams. In truth, we do applaud Sony for taking a chance on a title like this, but with the platform holder unable to effectively communicate what its developer's making, we do fear for the commercial potential of this clearly very expensive undertaking.

There ain't no Sackboy to latch onto here.

[source blog.eu.playstation.com]