"Bow to your master"

It was our Game of the Show at E3 2015 – and Horizon: Zero Dawn is still looking great. While developer Guerrilla Games didn't have a new demo for Sony's big Paris Games Week press conference, it did show an alternate play through of the one first shown in Los Angeles, while also emphasising a few of the RPG mechanics.

It's still looking quite simple at this stage, but crafting, experience points, and quests are all mentioned here. It's the action that's looking most exciting, though: protagonist Aloy lays a series of traps to catch the herd from the original trailer, then goes on to battle the Thunderjaw with a wealth of different arrow types.

The studio's sticking to that 2016 release window, but it's clearly got some polishing to do judging by the performance in this clip. As such, we wouldn't be surprised it slips – especially when you consider just how stacked Sony's lineup is next year.