"Well, hello there"

Indie developer Wonderstruck has revealed a open world, sandbox title called Boundless, but don't be fooled by immediately connecting it to Minecraft. There's more to it than its vague trailer showcases, as creative director James Austin has made clear over on the PlayStation Blog.

The worlds are procedurally generated, but unlike Minecraft, if you aren't a fan of a particular region you've ended up in, you can find portals that will take you to entirely fresh locations. However, Boundless doesn't look to be primarily single player-oriented. Everyone on the PS4 and PC will be able to play cross-platform and interact with each other in myriad ways, ranging from forming guilds and crafting items together to fighting enemy clans and trading resources. James says: "Your character is unique and your role is free to be defined," so you can go it alone by claiming your own land and fighting off invaders or team up with others to find supplies, and the latter will especially be important to find and explore ancient, technological stations called Titans, which are powerful weapons, scavenging grounds, or fortresses to be raided depending on who's in control of each world's Titan.

Out of some of the more unimpressive games inspired by Minecraft, this one looks to separate itself from the competition by emphasising its fluid social aspects and roles that players can have in Boundless' vast universe. What do you think about this ambitious indie title? Does it conjure up vibes of No Man's Sky with its impressive scope and nice clay-like visuals, or do its features fail to capture your attention? Build us your opinions in the comments section below.

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