Paris Games Week PS4 PlayStation 4 1

It's a controversial opinion, but here at Push Square Towers we've always preferred the likes of Gamescom over E3. There's method in our madness: the European press conferences tend to air at a reasonable hour, but they also play host to more out-there announcements – the likes of RIME and WiLD being prime examples.

Next week's Paris Games Week press conference is essentially Sony's annual Gamescom briefing in disguise. And writing on the PlayStation Blog, the platform holder has confirmed that it will feature fresh reveals, alongside "updates on previously announced titles". We'll have a ton of predictions for you to peruse later this week.

But before we share our thoughts, we want to know what you're expecting. Will Quantic Dream take to the stage to show what it's been working on – and will we get some firmer PlayStation VR reveals as well? We're really excited for this one, so don't forget to join us live for the full event on 27th October at 16:45PM BST/08:45AM PST.