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Battlefield 4, a game that released exactly two years ago tomorrow, is still being supported by developers DICE, in the way of a new 4GB patch on the PlayStation 4. This includes a plethora of tweaks and changes to vehicles, with ground vehicles given better mobility and countermeasures, air vehicles now having below radar support and improved countermeasures, and various other vehicle weapon balances. Most notably, the Mobile Anti-Air has had its effective range nerfed, meaning that it'll have to foray further into the battlefield in order to be effective, while the Attack Boat has had its damage, speed, reload time, and blast radius improved.

Of course, the patch also includes plenty of bug fixes, server, and netcode improvements as well.

Also coming out in the update – though you'll have to download it off of the PlayStation Store – is Community Operations, which contains the Operation Outbreak map, which was created with the Community Map Project that DICE launched earlier this year. It's set in an Indonesian jungle, and is a medium-sized map with highly destructible terrain, with five key locations – the Medical Facility, the Temple, the Ghost Town, the Fishing Village, and the Palm Oil Plantation. The map weighs in at 2.7GB.

It's cool that DICE is still updating and supporting a game that didn't have the best launch, but it seems a little weird that the company's not fully concentrating on Mirror's Edge Catalyst and Star Wars: Battlefront now. Then again, 560 people do work at the Swedish studio.

So you agree with these changes? Do you like Operation Outbreak? Fire some shots in the comments below.

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