Rock Band 4 PS4 PlayStation 4 Europe DLC

European PlayStation players haven't had the best relationship with Sony in recent times, mainly due to late Store Updates and PlayStation Plus releases. Now, they have another reason to be mad, as EU Rock Band 4 owners can't seem to access over half of the Legacy DLC that launched last week – despite all of the DLC being available on the North American Store.

Legacy DLC was a huge selling point for Rock Band 4, as it allowed players who had bought content in previous Rock Band games to download and play their songs in the latest version. With Rock Band 4's song list being a little underwhelming – you can read about that in our review – it's pretty disappointing to see that most of the previous Rock Band songs still aren't available.

Our friends at Eurogamer contacted MadCatz, and got a very interesting response concerning why most tracks weren't released yet, with global PR and communications director Alex Verrey saying:

"I can assure you that we are in constant contact with first-party and work hard to minimise any delay, however some of the work involved in making the tracks available is beyond our control."

This essentially means that SCEE seems to be blocking (or at least delaying) the release of these songs in Europe for one reason or another. Since SCEE operate independently of other Sony branches, it has different polices and criteria for game releases, mainly due to translation and localisation issues.

However, it seems strange that Rock Band 4 songs are delayed, as they don't require translation or localisation. We currently don't know how long these tracks will be delayed for, but what we do know is that Harmonix and Mad Catz are talking to SCEE every day in order to sort this out. We've contacted SCEE about the reason behind the delay, and we'll update you if they get back to us.

Have any of you not been able to download your Legacy DLC? Riff it in the comments below.