jc3 story trailer.jpg

Just Cause 3's story trailer is here, and guess what? It's full of explosions. We'd expect no less from the bombastic open world title, of course, but by splicing in a few standard looking cutscenes, Square Enix is trying to convince us that there's a narrative worth caring about here. Spoilers: there won't be.

But there's nothing necessarily wrong with that. We doubt that many people will be buying the blast-'em-up for its plot anyway - and if they are, well, they best be prepared for something that's teetering on the brink of being a Police Academy movie if Just Cause 2's offering is anything to go by.

One thing that does have us intrigued, however, is that series badass Rico Rodriguez appears to have been replaced by Chelsea striker Diego Costa. We suppose that he is quite good at causing chaos.