How very odd

It's a strange sight, isn't it? Fallout 4's easily one of the most anticipated games left to release this year, and it just seems weird to see it on a handheld display. Like all PlayStation 4 titles, you'll be able to stream the post-apocalyptic role-playing release to your Vita via Remote Play, and the good news is that functionality specialist Josh Hamrick is making sure that the title controls beautifully on Sony's portable system.

Hamrick previously worked at Bungie, where one of his duties was to help with the Remote Play aspects of Destiny, which, if you don't already know, controls like a dream on the diminutive device. This hopefully means that you'll be able to jump into bed with your trusty handheld and have a very enjoyable jaunt around the wasteland before getting some sleep.

So, do you use Remote Play very often? Would you be tempted to use it for a big, open world game like Fallout 4? Let us know if your Vita's ready to house a pack of deathclaws in the comments section below.