Star Wars Battlefront Beta PlayStation 4 PS4 Download Available Times

Today is the day that the Star Wars Battlefront beta begins, young Padawans – but what time exactly will it hit the PlayStation Store? Well, details are always subject to change, but judging by the title's Twitter account, it looks like EA Games has a rough idea of when the server stress test will be available on the PlayStation 4. And we've parsed all of the information, so you don't have to.

In Europe, the beta will be available to download and play from 16:00PM CEST, which means that you're looking at 15:00PM BST in the UK. And over in North America, it'll be ready to go from 13:00PM ET in the United States and Canada, so around 10:00AM PT on the West Coast. In other words, you've only got a few hours to wait.

Of course, given that this is an open beta, it's going to put a humongous strain on both the PlayStation Network and DICE's servers, so we wouldn't be surprised if there was some turbulence over the course of the day. Naturally, we'll bring you updates on Push Square if there are any problems. Otherwise, we hope to see you on the frontline a little later on.