Sun set boulevard

Now that Everybody's Gone to the Rapture is out and analysed, it's time to turn your attention to a different kind of first-person adventure. Firewatch, the upcoming PlayStation 4 game set in the Wyoming wilderness, may not have orb people and Chad graffiti, but it's interesting all the same. Developed by a slew of ex-The Walking Dead veterans, the title will see you take control of a fire lookout named Henry, who'll gradually find himself embroiled in a mystery occurring on his patch.

The game will be exploration and dialogue-heavy, as you're kept in constant contact with Henry's supervisor, Delilah. You'll have to make various decisions throughout the course of the game which will affect your relationship with your superior, and presumably end up influencing the plot. It's all rather intriguing, then, and with the acclaimed Olly Moss working on the art and Chris Remo composing the soundtrack, it's got some real pedigree behind it.

The game's set to release on 9th February as a console exclusive, and you can catch the E3 2015 trailer embedded below. Has this poked the fires burning inside of you? Blow flames in the comments section below.