Hey good lookin'

We're at that point where anything even remotely related to Fallout 4 has people shaking with anticipation, so Bethesda's probably picked a good time to show off the game's massive art book, which will be available from its online store starting from the 22nd December.

The 368-page tome contains concept art of all shapes and sizes, and after having a quick look at the sample drawings that the publisher's posted on its official site, we think that some of them are well worth sharing.

The pictures that we've embedded perhaps give us a glimpse into some of the environments, enemies, and equipment that we can expect to see in the finished product. Super mutants, the inner workings of robots, power armour, and deadly looking swords are all on display, and it's abundantly clear that the developer's once again put a massive amount of work into crafting its newest open world.

Has anything in particular caught your eye? See if you can pick out any potential secrets and then spill the beans in the comments section below.

f4 art 3.jpg
f4 art 7.jpg

[source store.bethsoft.com, via bethesda.net]