Celebrate good times

As any of you that have had a cursory glance at the Push Square homepage will know: today is PlayStation's big 20th anniversary in Europe. Of course, this means that it's also WipEout's birthday, as the first entry in Psygnosis' high-octane series deployed alongside the PSone all the way back on 29th September, 1995. And what better way to celebrate that fact than with some free music by series superfan Gonçalo 'Shiryu' Lopes?

Shiryu has been making WipEout-inspired music for almost a decade now, and The WipEout Legacy: Perfect Lap Edition is his most comprehensive work yet. Featuring a whopping 61 tracks and multiple pieces of original artwork, this is a Bandcamp download that deserves your bandwidth. The composer's being kind enough to give the collection away today, but if you like what you hear, there is a 'Name Your Price' option, so do kick him a few quid.

We're going to spin this in the office for the rest of the day, so if you've got a dull afternoon in store or are just looking for something new to listen to, then you know what you need to do.

[source shiryu.bandcamp.com]