Abs-olutely amazing
Image: Anne Pogoda

There's been much controversy over Quiet's threads – or her lack thereof – in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, but perhaps things would be more tolerable if Big Boss donned her outfit instead. We're making no further observations on this artwork as we quite enjoy our ability to breathe, but here's one artist's interpretation of Snake in laddered tights with a skimpy shirt. No comment.

The sketch is by Anne Pogoda, and is already getting plenty of attention on Deviant Art, as you may imagine. Funnily enough, series creator Hideo Kojima famously said that Quiet's entire getup was partially inspired by a desire to sell more action figures. As such, we can't help but ponder how fast a plastic adaption of this particular mash-up would move off store shelves.

[source zombiesandwich.deviantart.com, via gameinformer.com]