We'll take two. Not

Just in case you didn't get the memo, Star Wars is about to blow up all over again in a big way. The hype surrounding The Force Awakens is already unbearable, and that means that everyone wants a piece of the action. Sony's smartly buddied up with EA Games for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront, and now retailers are creating their own bundles for the PlayStation 4 release.

Take this one from Walmart, which comes with a hideous Han-Solo fridge. This author's knowledge of George Lucas' sci-fi series is limited, so we've no idea which movie from the original trilogy this is based upon – but we do vaguely remember the scene. The good news is that this mini cool box will not contain a preserved Harrison Ford, but a slot for you to slap six cold ones in while you're playing the game.

The set – which includes a Deluxe Edition of the abovementioned title on the PS4 as well – will run you $129.98, and is available for pre-order now. To be honest, we reckon that the retailer should be paying consumers to put this monstrosity into their homes, but Force Fever is a funny thing.

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