Shenmue III PS4 PlayStation 4 1

It's so surreal to think that Shenmue III actually exists now. The sequel – which this author has been waiting over a decade to play – raised over $6 million on Kickstarter recently, and director Yu Suzuki and his team have been busy beavering away on production ever since. This means that, while it's no doubt incredibly early, there's actually a playable prototype of the project already out there. And Cedric Biscay – whose Shibuya Productions company is helping bring the title to life – tweeted that he got some hands-on time recently.

"Last week, I got the opportunity to enjoy a first playable testing version of a Shenmue III stage," he beamed. "It's enough to make me happy." Even though we're ecstatic that the title's in development, we're still sceptical of how it's going to come out considering the teensy budget. Nevertheless, the mere knowledge that this title is in production is enough to have us hyped for now. Roll on 2017...