Project City Shrouded in Shadow PS4 PlayStation 4 1

There are no end to the PlayStation 4 and Vita announcements at Tokyo Game Show this week it seems, as Bandai Namco has revealed that it's teaming up with Granzella on a new PlayStation 4 and Vita game that's tentatively titled Project City Shrouded in Shadow. It sounds like an apocalyptic-esque survival adventure, in which mysterious life forms threaten the existence of humanity.

The release will depict the story of those who try to fight these foreign beings, and despite looking a bit low-budget, it has a pretty nice PlayStation 2-era art style to it. There's no launch window revealed right now, but you can browse the project's official website through here. It's a busy time for Granzella, as it's also working on a Disaster Report revival, which is set to be announced later this year.


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