New Hot Shots Golf PS4 PlayStation 4 1

New Hot Shots Golf's trailer at TGS 2015 seemed to disappoint franchise fans, but we're actually pretty excited by what Sony's saying about the game. A page on the PlayStation Japan website has revealed a little more about the PlayStation 4 revival, and while we're working with shaky translations here, it certainly sounds like the most ambitious entry yet.

For starters, the title appears to be adopting a sandbox structure. This means that rather than being ushered from hole-to-hole, you'll be able to explore entire courses freely. Consequentially, there'll be a bit more freedom over how you approach each hole. Moreover, you'll encounter other players while you're out and about, while missions will be littered all over the map.

And golf will not be the only attraction this time, as you'll be able to drive – and, presumably, race – golf buggies, while there'll be other minigames such as fishing and sky diving on display. You'll also be able to create your own character to represent you in the world. It sounds like quite a bold concept, then, but we're confident that Clap Hanz will come good. The game will tee off in 2016.