Selfie time

We hope that you weren't planning on removing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain from your PlayStation 4 any time soon, as even if you've somehow managed to finish the story, the equally exciting Metal Gear Online is right around the corner. Set to release from 6th October, publisher Konami is showing off the competitive multiplayer mode at TGS 2015 this week – and it looks absolutely brilliant.

One of the most common problems when single player centric series get online components is that they rarely feel like they belong, but that's clearly not a problem here. Bounty Hunter, one of the main modes on display, is Team Deathmatch with a twist, as you'll need to use your Fulton recovery system to win back life tickets for your team. It's a simple tweak, but one that immediately gives the experience a more Metal Gear feel.

Of course, that's not the only thing that's caught our eye. As in the campaign you'll have various gadgets and gizmos at your disposal, such as sleep mines and cardboard box decoys. But plushy toys also fit the bill, allowing you to render snipers and other enemies inactive for a short period if they happen to spot them with their scope. It's silliness like this that we reckon is going to make this mode stand out.

The video also details the three classes that you'll have at your disposal: Infiltrator, Scout, and Enforcer. The latter of these is obviously well-equipped in combat, while the other two options excel in stealth, with the Infiltrator preferring to get personal while the Scout keeps its distance. There's ten minutes of commentated footage below which outlines everything in much more detail. Are you impressed by what you're seeing? Sneak into the comments section.