Kat's got the cream

Gravity Rush – also known as Gravity Daze in Japan – is one of the most underappreciated properties on PlayStation, but Sony's giving protagonist Kat another bite of the apple with a PlayStation 4 version of the Vita original. The title – which is due out later this year in Japan and next February in the West – is being developed by Bluepoint Games, and will boast both updated visuals and improved performance on the home console.

But you already knew all of that, didn't you? Indeed, we reported on the remaster's reveal yesterday, so let's take a moment to admire the title's Japanese box art instead. Employing a plain white background and an image of the series' physics defying starlet, we reckon that it's really going to stand out amid busier covers on store shelves.

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A collector's edition will also be made available in the East, featuring a statue of the aforementioned icon. If you do happen to import the premium package, remember to keep the model in a closed cabinet. You won't want it to get Dusty, after all.

Gravity Daze Collector's Edition PS4