PlayStation Kaz Hirai Sony Corp CEO

Sony has, on occasion, garnered a reputation for being a bit of a copy cat. Products like the PlayStation Move, for example, are often flaunted as an example of the organisation's lack of creativity. But in truth, the platform holder has been innovating since it entered the market, with the PSone's emphasis on polygonal graphics right the way through to Project Morpheus being prime examples.

And speaking during an IFA pre-show press conference in Berlin this week, gaffer Kaz Hirai hinted that he believes PlayStation's forward thinking approach is unparalleled. "Innovation has been fundamental to our success in our PlayStation business, and continues to inspire us to create new technologies and new consumer experiences," he enthused. "And PlayStation is committed to being the best place to play, whether it'd be for gaming, video, music, or even television."

He continued: "We're constantly evolving the PlayStation ecosystem through hardware, software, and network capabilities that create truly inspiring experiences. PlayStation innovation is simply unparalleled, and it provides a meaningful and powerful mean to connect gamers in ways never before thought possible."

One product that the Japanese giant is particularly proud of is its forthcoming virtual reality headset, which Hirai believes will push the boundaries of play. "Project Morpheus achieves a sense of presence that takes you beyond conventional gameplay and to worlds of unprecedented depth and perception," he concluded. "So we're talking about powerful 360-degree experiences unlike anything that you've ever experienced."

The executive's general point was that Sony is a company that thrives on innovation, and this is at the foundation of each of the organisation's many divisions. But do you think that Hirai is right when he says that PlayStation innovation is unparalleled – or is he merely saying nice things about the company that he runs? Think outside of the box in the comments section below.