Treasure chest

Sony's been releasing PlayStation 4 bundles like they're going out of fashion in Europe, but the firm's been a little hesitant to repeat the strategy in North America. You didn't think that it was going to miss out on an opportunity to package Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection with the console, though, did you? Starting from 9th October, you'll be able to pick up all three of Naughty Dog's remastered escapades alongside a 500GB system for $399.99.

The console itself is a standard Jet Black unit, but it is the CUH-1200 model, so will be a little lighter and less power hungry than the launch device. While we know that some of you have been shrugging off this compilation, we actually expect it to be one of the bigger PS4 exclusives of the year – and it seems that the Japanese giant feels the same way. Indeed, it's rolling out commercials for the collection starting Saturday, and you can watch the TV spot below.