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Shenmue III raised a record breaking $6.3 million on Kickstarter earlier in the year – but developer Ys Net's looking for more. While this may sound nefarious, the developer did announce at the end of crowd funding campaign that it'd be accepting PayPal pledges eventually – it's just taken it a little time to roll out the appropriate website.

The so-called 'Slacker Backer' drive will enable those who missed the original run to contribute to the game's development, with many of the rewards from the Kickstarter available all over again. Smartly, the company will be stopping contributions entirely on 31st December, as it doesn't want the scale of the project to change too much at this point.

Of course, this all means that some of the Stretch Goals are back in play, with the $6.5 million ragdoll reactions a very plausible possibility. To be honest, we doubt that the studio will make too much money from this extended funding format, but if you wanted that backer exclusive Blu-ray release, then here's your chance to nab it. Will you be donating to Shenmue III now that the opportunity has resurfaced? Tell us that this is way uncool in the comments section below.