divinity os.jpg

The PlayStation 4 edition of Divinity: Original Sin is looking better and better with every trailer; the highly praised role-playing release has been a big hit on PC, and we're beginning to see why. The way that the enhanced console port tackles co-op play is very forward thinking, as it essentially allows two players to exist in the same world without hindering each other's progress.

When you're close together during local play, the screen stays centred on your characters, but if you split up, it'll chop itself in two. This means that both players can go about their business without having to worry what their partner's up to, and things get better still when quests demand moral choices and you're both off following separate narrative paths. It arguably appears to be co-op role-playing at its most inventive.

Take a look at the title's newest trailer to get the full run-down, and then tell us if you'll be recruiting a buddy this October in the comments section below.