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Whether you like it or not, and despite what it says about our ever-changing industry, websites like YouTube offer a telling look into which games are hot, and which games are not. Indeed, YouTube's even started publishing its top ten 'trending' titles for each month, and in August, PlayStation 4 exclusive Until Dawn topped the charts.

We doubt that many truly thought that Supermassive Games' horror-'em-up would end up being a bit of a hit, but that's exactly what's happened courtesy of some impressive review scores coupled with plenty of social media buzz. Since the game's narrative can branch out in various ways with characters being killed off based on the decisions that you make, it's understandable that the release has proven popular on video based sites.

We'd imagine that a lot of people will have been researching the different ways that the game can unfold, while others will have been simply treating the captured footage as a lengthy slasher flick thanks to all of the walkthroughs and let's plays. Combine all of this, and you've got a title that's going to be talked about for quite a while.

Have you played Until Dawn yet? What do you think of it? Have you contributed to it being YouTube's most popular game of last month? Don't look behind you in the comments section below.

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