UEFA Champions League PlayStation F.C. App PS4

Isn't it nice when marketing initiatives actually result in pleasant things? Sony's partnership with the UEFA Champions League – the biggest club football competition on the planet, Americans – has been running for years now, but this season it's decided to create a pretty nifty app for the PlayStation 4. Unimaginatively dubbed PlayStation F.C., the free download will allow you to play Fantasy Football against your PlayStation Network pals – as well as pick the score and more.

One really nifty feature is that PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to relive classic matches from the tournament for free, including Barcelona's victory against Juventus earlier this year. You'll earn points for competing in the app's various mini-games, which will allow you to compare your footy knowledge against your friends, but will also enter you into a series of prize draws, with two tickets to this year's final in Milan being the grand prize. Not bad at all, eh?

The app is free to download right now through here, though it only appears to be available in Europe at the moment – perhaps for obvious reasons. The platform holder promises that it will continue to update the feature with fresh classic matches and more over the course of the season, including a minigame where you must predict the players that will have the biggest impact in each match. Exciting stuff, but for now, this author will get back to worrying about Fellaini as United's current centre forward.

[source blog.eu.playstation.com]