Destiny The Taken King PS4

This may not be the biggest week for new releases ever, but few franchises are more popular than Destiny. Bungie's big expansion will deploy tomorrow on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, with the title available as both an upgrade for the existing game, as well as part of a big Game of the Year Edition-esque package on Blu-ray. PES 2016: Pro Evolution Soccer is the other heavy hitter this time, but with respect to Konami's critically acclaimed footy foray, it's not nabbing the Pick of the Week accolade this time.

Pick of the Week: Destiny: The Taken King

Ah, Destiny – the game that everyone hates despite investing hundreds upon hundreds of hours into it. To say that the reaction to Bungie's first-person shooter has been odd would be an understatement; this is a title that's been mauled by critics and consumers alike, yet is played by millions every single day. To the developer's credit, it's heavily improved the game since launch, and The Taken King will significantly expand upon the amount of content available in it as well. Will it be able to shake off the demons of its day one offering? For some, probably not – but many will go on enjoying it daily anyway.

PS4, PS3 | 15th September [NA], 15th September [EU]

PES 2016 PS4

Everything Else

Arcade Archives Solomon's Key
PS4 | 15th September [NA]

Bombing Busters
PS4 | 15th September [NA]

EA Sports NHL 16
PS4 | 15th September [NA], 17th September [EU]

EA Sports NHL Legacy Edition
PS3 | 15th September [NA], 17th September [EU]

Flame Over
PS4 | 15th September [NA], 15th September [EU]

Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight
PS4, PS3 | 15th September [NA]

Invokers Tournament
PS4, PS3, Vita | 15th September [NA]

Kitten Squad
PS4 | 15th September [NA]

PS4 | 15th September [NA], 18th September [EU]

Rugby League Live 3
PS4, PS3 | 17th September [EU]

PES 2016: Pro Evolution Soccer
PS4, PS3 | 15th September [NA], 18th September [EU]

Will you be fulfilling your Destiny with The Taken King this week, or is your attention elsewhere right now? Fire freely in the comments section below.

What are you most looking forward to this week? (6 votes)

  1. Arcade Archives Solomon’s Key  0%
  2. Bombing Busters  0%
  3. Destiny: The Taken King67%
  4. EA Sports NHL 16  0%
  5. EA Sports NHL Legacy Edition  0%
  6. Flame Over17%
  7. Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight  0%
  8. Invokers Tournament  0%
  9. Kitten Squad  0%
  10. Overruled!  0%
  11. Rugby League Live 3  0%
  12. PES 2016: Pro Evolution Soccer17%

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