mgs 5 boss screaming.jpg

To say that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has endured rocky pre-release and post-release periods is an understatement. Whether it's been headlines regarding Konami's questionable internal management and the firing of series creator Hideo Kojima, or the previous save corruption bug, Big Boss' finale has been overshadowed time and time again, despite the fact that it's one heck of a good game.

And here we are yet again, this time with Konami spreading word that there's an all new save corruption bug that's specific to the PlayStation 4 version of the release. Basically, if you're playing Metal Gear Solid V while signed in with multiple PlayStation Network accounts on a single console, then there's a chance that you'll get the following message when trying to load up your game: "This saved data cannot be used, as the relevant downloadable content cannot be found."

If you're unfortunate to come across that message, we're sad to say that your data's apparently done for, and there's no way to continue your adventure. Brilliant, eh?