ac syndicate london.jpeg

Ah, London. An enjoyable city if you can withstand the crowds, the stinky public transport, and the complete lack of decent manners from anyone who isn't being paid in tips, and we dare say that it's looking rather fetching in Assassin's Creed Syndicate's latest arty trailer.

Indeed, you can tell that we're getting closer to the game's October release date purely because this is the beginning of Ubisoft's annual Assassin's Creed push, which unfolds as the publisher sends out at least one related video per day from now up until launch. As such, we'll be taking this opportunity to warn you of the impending media blitz.

That said, the PlayStation 4 title's brand new clip is actually quite enjoyable, as it shows off plenty of scenery complete with wandering non-playable characters going about their business. All in all, it seems pretty pleasant.

Does London look like a city that you could get lost in later this year? Scale the rooftops and dive into the comments section below.