Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Killzone: Shadow Fall sure has its critics, but there are things to enjoy about this PlayStation 4 exclusive shooter. And if you haven't got around to the launch title just yet, Sony's discounted it on the European PlayStation Store this week, brining the price of entry down to just £11.99. That's not bad, and with the Season Pass selling for just £5.79 as well, you could get the full experience and still have change from a twenty.

If it's another launch title that you're in the market for, Knack has also seen its price dropped to £14.00, while Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition is on sale this week as well for £13.99 – but you'll only get the best deal if you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber. Other discounts encompass a slew of Rayman titles, with the offers set to expire on 9th September. You can peruse the full roster of savings through here.