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We'd argue that uploading screenshots to Twitter has been one of the major draws of the share button, so we're confident that video clips are going to get some real mileage, too. Firmware update v3.00 will allow you to upload ten second clips to the social network site, and here's how you can get your footage online.

1. Capture some video

Before you even think about uploading video to Twitter, you're going to need something worth sharing. Play your games until something ace happens, then hit the share button to bring up the Share screen. Tap the square button to save any video, and you're ready to go.

2. Go to the Capture Gallery to trim

Find the Capture Gallery application on the PS4's main menu, and open it. Find the video clip that you want to share, and push the options button to bring up a side menu. Select the 'Trim' option to begin the video editing process. Remember, it must be 10 seconds or less to be shared on Twitter.

3. Upload trimmed video to Twitter

Once you've trimmed your video, find the shortened version in the Capture Gallery app. Hover over it and push the share button to bring up the upload options. Click on the Twitter icon and then type the 140 character message that you want to include. Select the 'Share' button to begin the upload process. Your account will need to be linked with Twitter for this to work.