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If you've already played through The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and romanced the fiery haired Triss Merigold, then there's a chance that you feel as though her relationship with Geralt left something to be desired. Because of the way that the role-playing release is set up, our grizzly protagonist is perhaps more inclined to pursue romance with long-time love Yennefer, and numerous fans have expressed their displeasure with the currently unbalanced love triangle.

Taking this feedback into account, CD Projekt Red has revealed that both romance options will be getting slight overhauls as the developer fleshes out their associated dialogue. This should mean more conversation choices with both Triss and Yennefer, which will supposedly add a bit more believable depth to their relationships with Geralt.

The alterations will arrive as part of the title's next patch, which we should hear more about in the relatively near future.

So, who did decide to romance? Do you prefer the kind hearted Triss or the stern Yennefer? Make up Geralt's mind for him in the comments section below.

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