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EA's Peter Moore is back again with some more highly quotable, er, quotes. This time, in an interview with Fortune, the likeable exec states that the publisher is actively seeking diversity when it comes to its employees, ensuring that both men and women are well represented within the company.

"We've gone from the personification of what we believe women should look like in a video game, to actually involving women in making video games, to today where at Electronic Arts we have some of our most powerful franchises overseen by women who manage hundreds of men," Moore explains.

Indeed, if you take a look at EA's most prominent figures at this point in time, many of them are women. Sara Jansson is the executive producer onMirror's Edge Catalyst, for example, while other blockbusters such as Star Wars: Battlefront and The Sims 4 are also being headed by women.

"It can't all be white males", Moore continues. "As a result, I think that hiring managers at EA over the last couple of years have had a sharper focus on diversity." He then goes on to cite the inclusion of women's national teams in FIFA 16 as a real step forward: "We'll know within the first few weeks how many people are choosing to play the women's teams [...] I think it's going to have a very positive impact."

Good stuff from EA then, but what do you make of diversity in our favourite industry? Is there still more that can be done, or is gaming leading the way? Have your say in the comments section below.

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