Style savvy

We've already established that Need for Speed's cringe-worthy live action cut-scenes look amazing, but what about the actual game itself? EA Games has released a new trailer showcasing the forthcoming PlayStation 4 racer, and much like a pre-release Rockstar video, it focuses on all of the activities that you'll be getting up to behind the wheel this November.

No game is complete without some simple role-playing mechanics these days, and Ghost Games' latest is no different. The racer will see you earning both cash and reputation as you move up the ranks of Ventura Bay, with the latter unlocking new events and content. You'll increase your rep by mastering five different disciplines: Speed, Style, Build, Crew, and Outlaw.

These are all pretty self-explanatory so we won't outline them in too much detail, but needless to say they run the full gamut of racing game gameplay. The most interesting thing is that you'll be able to combine each of these to maximise your points, so we assume that perfecting each technique is where the title's replay value is going to come from.

While we're a bit frustrated by the online-only focus, we're really excited to give this a spin later in the year. Is your internal engine roaring for this release? Put your foot down in the comments section below.