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We should have saw this one coming. Like the inevitability of a breach tearing open the sky and raining demons down upon the populace, Dragon Age: Inquisition is getting a Game of the Year edition. Unsurprisingly, it'll come with all of the title's downloadable content, including its three expansions.

Of course, that also means it won't be available on the PlayStation 3, since the last two expansions weren't released on Sony's last-gen machine. The complete package will launch in less than a month, on the 6th October. According to you lot, Inquisition is worthy of getting a Game of the Year edition, since it got the most votes in our community pick in 2014 - so don't go complaining about this news.

Will you be picking this up? Did you miss out on BioWare's colossal role-playing release the first time around? Gather your forces and march on the comments section below.