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Hellblade's story has been more than a bit up and down so far hasn't it? The PlayStation 4 title was originally shown at Sony's Gamescom conference back in 2014, and since then, we haven't really seen all that much of the game. It's always sounded intriguing - an action title that deals with the topic of mental health issues - but we've yet to truly see how the title comes together.

Unfortunately, according to various publications that did manage to get a better look at the release at this year's Gamescom expo, Hellblade didn't seem too impressive. Taking this feedback on board, developer Ninja Theory has announced that it's beginning anew on the game's production.

Describing the build that was shown to the press, the studio stated on Twitter that it was "a vertical slice [...] a testbed of ideas, not part of the final game". In other words, what the media saw wasn't too finalised to begin with, but Ninja Theory's rewinding things all the same. As such, we wouldn't expect a release date any time soon.

What do you make of this? Have you been hyped for Hellblade, or have you always ached to see more? Cut your expectations to pieces in the comments section below.

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