Final Fantasy 7 VII Beat Em Up

Every game would be better if it was Streets of Rage – and that includes Push Square's greatest of all time, Final Fantasy VII. Fortunately, Singapore-based studio PD Design has cottoned on to this, repurposing Square Enix's classic PSone role-playing release as a beat-'em-up. In the video below, you'll see the spiky haired Cloud Strife and the amply-endowed Tifa Lockhart laying the smackdown without a single menu screen in sight.

The developer plans to release a one-level demo in order to draw interest in the re-imagining, but sadly we suspect that the aforementioned publisher's lawyers will be in touch long before it gets the chance. The studio's making this as a fan project, so it has no plans to profit from the endeavour – but with a real Final Fantasy VII Remake on the horizon, we're not convinced that the company's going to look too kindly upon this.

Update (14:45PM BST): Whoops, as pointed out in the comments this is actually already playable through here. Try it out before Square Enix files a cease and desist.

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