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Oh dear, we're not sure who to blame on this one. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture got a slew of great reviews yesterday, but many critics were quick to call out the slow pace of the game. The title sees you exploring a deserted Shropshire with seemingly no way to speed up your movement speed, and as a result, reviewers have been slowly trudging through the virtual countryside, wishing that there was a run or sprint button.

Turns out that there actually is - it's just that no one bothered to find it. By holding down R2, you can sprint, and somehow, no one figured this out. "We probably should have announced the run button before launch, but we didn't," Dan Pinchbeck of The Chinese Room stated on the developer's blog. He goes on to say that the team perhaps regrets that the run button wasn't signposted, and the studio's "paid for it in the reviews".

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Now, while we think that the controls probably should have been hinted at, we can't quite believe that no one managed to stumble across this. By the sounds of it, though, holding down R2 builds up gradual speed - it's not instant - so we can sort of understand why such a thing was overlooked. Still, it doesn't reflect particularly well on the gaming media, does it?

[source thechineseroom.co.uk, via eurogamer.net]