"Archived streams aren't allowed"

We're not entirely sure how we feel about this one. A tweet by Twitch Support appears to allude to the fact that Sony has disabled archiving on Until Dawn, preventing people from replaying streams that have since concluded. This could be a simple error on the platform holder's part, but it seems like a calculated decision to stop the story from simply being watched online.

Of course, the flaw in this logic is that it's still going to be uploaded to YouTube, and it's not pulling those videos down. We do understand the dilemma, as this is very much a story-driven game, and online archives could impact on sales. However, considering the fact that the title changes pretty drastically depending on your decisions, sites like Twitch could actually increase its buzz.

To be clear: the platform holder's not stopping anyone from streaming it live. In fact, Supermassive Games – the developer of the schlocky horror – recently tweeted that it wants people to enjoy the title on sites like Twitch. Hopefully a resolution is on the way, then, as the only outcome that blocking archives will have here is bad press.

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