Atsushi Morita is on the left, and Yoshinori Ono is on the right
Morita-san in the skin

Missed opportunity, Capcom – missed opportunity. As part of a livestream overnight, the publisher announced that a Sony executive will appear in upcoming MMO Dragon's Dogma Online – but it's not Kaz Hirai. Instead, it's Sony Computer Entertainment Japan president Atsushi Morita who's been repurposed in the game – alongside jovial Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono.

The industry hotshots will appear as Pawns, who are "helper" characters that appear throughout the popular role-playing series. The game will release on 31st August in Japan, where it will be playable for free on Sony's consoles. There's no word on a Western release date yet, but we'd be disappointed if it didn't make its way overseas eventually.

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