Super Star Wars PS4 PlayStation 4 1
Coming from a galaxy far, far away

Well, would you Wookie here – Sony's gone absolutely Star Wars gaga. In addition to announcing a custom PlayStation 4 at the D23 Expo earlier today, the platform holder's also revealed that four classic Star Wars titles will be coming to its new-gen console – with overhauled graphics and full Trophy support. You'll get these with the Darth Vader-branded device, but presumably they'll be available separately from the PlayStation Store, too.

The games include SNES classic Super Star Wars, which recaps the events of A New Hope in 16-bit glory, in addition to PlayStation 2 racer Star Wars: Racer Revenge, Jango Fett spin-off Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, and air combat title Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter. Additional details are under wraps for the time being, but considering that Sony's caught the Star Wars bug, expect to learn a lot more about these ports in the very near future.

[source News: The Force Is with This Limited Edition Star Wars PS4]