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Let's not beat around the bush: Sony kind of killed the Dreamcast. Sure, years of atrocious decisions ultimately saw SEGA pull out of the hardware race, but few could deny that the looming juggernaut otherwise known as the PlayStation 2 put the final nail in the underappreciated console's coffin. But with the announcement of Shenmue III at E3 2015, the Japanese giant may have saved the system, too. Sort of.

MCV reports that second-hand retailers have seen a real spike in Dreamcast sales since the reveal of the long awaited sequel for the PlayStation 4, while the first two entries in the series have been flying off store shelves as well. "We sold 20 Dreamcasts in the last week alone," explained Alex Bowness of Canterbury's Level Up Games. "All of a sudden, people are asking where they can play the original two Shenmue games. The announcement of Shenmue III really piqued everyone's interest."

Of course, this all means that the market is gagging for a high-definition re-release of Yu Suzuki's pioneering titles, but so far SEGA's been hesitant to comply. "I've had more customers hyped about Shenmue III than Call of Duty, and I am glad that there are gamers out there like this, because it proves that gaming is not as disposable as other forms of entertainment," added David James-Turvey of Llanelli's Retrobution. "Indie [retailers] should be confident in their physical stock."

Apparently, the brilliant Final Fantasy VII – which was also announced for the PS4 during Sony's jaw-dropping E3 2015 press conference – is also selling well, which further confirms that there's still demand for physical goods. After all, this game can already be purchased for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation Vita from the PlayStation Store – but it seems that people want the physical disc. Did you expect Sony's show to have this kind of impact? Cheer in the comments section below.