Fergal Gara: wearer of scarves, seller of systems

Since taking charge of SCEUK in 2011, Fergal Gara has successfully steered PlayStation back to the top of the gaming pile in the notoriously competitive nation. It's perhaps fitting that the former Asda executive has decided to bow out while the company's very much on top, then, with the popular honcho departing to "pursue a new professional venture".

Starting from 10th August, SCEE veteran Warwick Light will replace the departing suit, with business very much continuing as usual, we suspect. "Fergal is an extremely talented leader, and in his four years managing the UK business has significantly strengthened the brand and made countless contributions to our success," beamed European boss Jim Ryan.

He continued: "He has also served as a key member of the European Executive team, helping to steer PlayStation to even greater heights. We are extremely grateful for his dedication and for the legacy that he leaves. I have complete confidence that Warwick is the right person to replace Fergal in the UK role, and his 20 years of service to Sony has been marked by outstanding performance."

It's perhaps a bit of a blow to PlayStation in the UK, as the platform's presence is markedly different today to when he took charge. At the time the Xbox 360 was very much the leading platform in the region, but the PlayStation 4 has picked up where the PlayStation 2 left off in these parts, and now commands a pretty dominant presence in practically all retail chains.

In fact, the manufacturer boasted earlier this week that its box has been a UK best seller every single month in 2015 so far. "I have had a fantastic time leading the PlayStation business in the UK and Ireland over the past four years," Gara said. "I am very grateful for having had this opportunity and I want to thank my team who have been amazing and, of course, Jim, for his support."

[source mcvuk.com]