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Internet darling and Push Square Game of the Month Rocket League will be updated to version v1.04 today by 17:00PM PT (01:00AM BST tomorrow for Brits), the official Rocket League Twitter has announced. This new update will add the new Utopia Coliseum arena, as well as the much-requested Spectator Mode and a new option to vote for a forfeit in Ranked matches in order to prevent uneven teams. Ranked matches will no longer start until both teams are full, and a new 3v3 Team Ranked match type will be available. Finally, 70+ new flags will be available – yes, North Korea is one of them – as well as three "sorry" items in order to apologize for the rocky launch: the aptly named "Servergate" wheels, "Disconnected" Antenna, and a simple White Flag.

Not only that, but the new Supersonic Fury DLC will be available tomorrow (13th August for those of you who've been in cryosleep until now) and will add two new cars: the American muscle car Dominus and the Japanese supercar Takumi, as well as six decals for each. The DLC will also add two new wheel sets, five new paint types and two new boosts, and will cost $3.99 in the US, €3.99 in Europe, but a UK price is yet to be confirmed.

What new feature are you excited for? Will you be buying the DLC? Score an own goal and apologize to your teammates in the comments.

Update (14:00PM): Some people are receiving the patch already, so you may want to slap your console into Rest Mode to make sure you grab it as soon as it's available to you.

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