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Few things are less funny than Borderlands, but we'd probably put having our eyeballs accidentally sucked out by a vacuum cleaner in the spot above. Still, that's not stopped Telltale Games from taking the title's non-existent fiction and turning it into the decent Tales from the Borderlands, so we suppose that the brand's upcoming movie stands some hope of success. Oh, who are we kidding? This is going to be Mad Max with kitten clips.

Lionsgate is apparently making the flick with producers Avi and Ari Arad, who are best known for a string of Marvel movies. The double-act were also linked to the Uncharted film at one point, so there is still hope that this will never come out. It's all part of a new push by the film maker to explore new brands. "The Borderlands games don't pull any punches," said gaffers Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger, "and we'll make the movie with the same in-your-face attitude that has made the series a blockbuster mega-franchise."

Please bury us alive on Pandora and never dig us back up.

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