Republique PS4 PlayStation 4 1

OMG! Here's a bit of a Push Square poll for you on this fine Thursday morning: how many of you remember République? None of you – well, that was to be expected. A bit of background for you, then: this was one of those early Kickstarter success stories that promised the Earth and then rapidly fell off the radar. A stealth game starring David Hayter and helmed by Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots producer Ryan Payton, it originally deployed on the PC and smartphones. And now, as you may have already guessed, it's coming to the PlayStation 4.

The title's been picked up by GungHo who will help publish the release as a console exclusive on Sony's new-gen machine. Due out in 2016, the PS4 package will include all five episodes, which have released piecemeal on the abovementioned platforms over the past three years. The game itself, for those who don't know, sees you using security cameras in order to guide a female character to safety. The concept was actually later "borrowed" by Watch Dogs, so you're probably already familiar with the gameplay loop. All the same, we've included a trailer below.